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Some tips for having a meal, a coffe, or a walk, all within walking distance:


Kaffee Frühling - very close to the venue, always crowded

Kaffee Finkmüller (Klybeckstrasse) - more space, lots of plants

Da Graziella - Italian style coffee place

Confiserie Beschle (Clarastrasse) - sweets and bakery


Choi Asia Garden - our restaurant on Saturday & Sunday

Lu - Mezze and oriental specialities

Acento Argentino (Kaserne) - Empanadas, Empanadas, Empanadas

Vito - our favorite pizza in town, very small place, better for takeaway

Parterre - European kitchen

There are many other restaurants and take aways in the area, but these are my favourites.

If you visit Basel for the first time, I suggest to stroll along the Rhine and take the ferry in front of the big cathedral (Munster).

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