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Gregor Tangonaut invites you to a Tango journey into the new year.


To enjoy this weekend with about 160 international fellow travellers, the marvellous location in the city center of Basel offers ideal conditions: wooden floor, daylight, professional sound system, a bar in the back and an area to rest.


Tangonautica is aimed to be a cozy event, full of good vibes to make you feel immediately at home in a tango bubble. You will feel comfortabel if you like to dance in close embrace and know how to respect the ronda.  





About your host Gregor Tangonaut

My tango journey started in 1998 and made me visit innumberable local Milongas and international events. As an experienced event manager I know what it takes to make people feel comfortable. My passion for music and love for Tango is the strongest motivation to organize Tangonautica.

Together with Irma Gross, I'm also the organizer of Tres Besos and the private event Bomboncito in Basel.


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